Welcome to Lent

In addition to Ash Wednesday’s Zoom service, we are offering two activities each week of Lent. On Sundays, we will offer the Forty Day Foodies weekly challenge and a related Zoom Bible Study. On Wednesdays, we will share a meditative coloring page and reflection on two or three stations of the cross to prepare for the coming Sunday worship. We hope having these two activities each week will create a rhythm for your Lenten experience. We will send out the links in the enews or check back on this page.


Forty Day Foodies: A Lenten Experience

Forty Day Foodies is a Christian education & nurture experience during this season of Lent at Trinity. You are encouraged to set aside just one night per week with your family to focus on your food, and join Trinity in a food justice mindset throughout Lent. At the beginning of each week, you’ll receive the theme, meal challenge instructions, and conversation questions via the enews (see below).

Learn more here in this video from Stuart.

There are several ways to participate:

  • Share one Intentional Dinner with your household each week. This can be done on whatever night works for your family, but Intentional Dinner means everyone is there and present, and it begins by saying grace. You’ll also get a simple dinner-related challenge each week, along with conversation starters that invite family members of all ages to discuss why food matters to our faith.
  • Join other households for pandemic-safe fellowship with two virtual dinner gatherings during Lent. Lean into the initial discomfort of sharing a meal on camera, and celebrate how food brings people together. Email youth@trinityarlington.org if you’d be willing to host a video meeting for 3 or 4 families, and Stuart will talk you through how it’ll work.
  • Join a weekly Bible study that covers just a taste of how food is used in scripture. This will be over Zoom on Sundays, 12-1 p.m., starting 2/21 (see below for more information.)
Questions? Email Stuart.

Lenten Bible Study: Food and Faith

Sundays at noon, 2/21-3/28

Everyone has a “food story”–a flavorful narrative that shows the personal relationship you have to food. During Lent, we’ll sample a charcuterie of biblical food stories and ponder different ways that eating can be an act of faith. Adults and youth are welcome to join this no-homework weekly Bible study on Zoom, with the potential to meet in person later on when the weather permits.  Email Stuart or check your enews for the link.

Week One Dinner Challenge: Make something that every member of your household helps prepare.

Conversation Starters:

  • What makes something food? Work together to come up with a criteria–be as specific as you can!
  • Describe your favorite food/meal without saying what it is.
  • Share a memory or tell a story about your favorite food/meal.
 Week Two Dinner Challenge:
Make something with ingredients that represent 4 of the 7 colors of the rainbow (Bonus challenge: include as many colors as you can.) Conversation Starters:
  • What are some things your family always gets at the grocery store?
  • What are some things your family always has at home?
  • Are you a picky eater? What are some foods you just have zero appreciation for?


Lent Devotional: Stations of the Cross
Throughout the season of Lent we will be preparing for a Good Friday experience, walking the stations of the cross at Trinity. Each Wednesday during Lent the e-news will feature two stations cross to focus on for that week. We will provide coloring pages, a more intricate one for adults and a simpler on for children. The coloring pages come with a meditation/devotional that is appropriate for adults and also a shorter one that is appropriate for children. We hope you will find these reflections helpful in getting you thinking and talking about the cross and what it means for us. If you would like to scan your coloring pages and send them in to the church office, we will use them on Good Friday as part of our stations of the cross walk-through experience. You can come on Good Friday and see your artwork and the artwork of others on display at the different stations
Week 3 Links (Stations Five and Six, Sermon March 7th) are below:

Week 2 Links (Stations Three and Four, Sermon Feb 28th)  are below:

Week 1 links are below (Stations One and Two, Sermon: Feb. 21st) are below:

Click here for

The written devotions for the first station.

The written devotion for the second station.

The detailed coloring page.