Announcements for Sunday March 26, 2023

Lent and Easter

Please click here for all of the Lent and Easter activities.


This Sunday! Join the AFAC Food Sorting Event at Trinity

Beginning at 10a.m. on Sunday, March 26th we will have an intergenerational Mission opportunity in the Fellowship Hall. Men’s Fellowship has arranged for AFAC to drop off one ton of produce that needs to be sorted into family sized bags. This can be done by all ages. Sunday school classes are all invited to take part in this event. We will keep sorting until we are finished. 


New! Summary of Last Week’s Sunday school class on Advocacy: Spotlight on VOICE

Did you miss the class about VOICE (Virginians Organized for Interfaith Community Engagement) last week? We have a great recap of the class, which includes explaining what VOICE is, does, and what it means for us at Trinity. Click here to read the article or go to the end of the  bulletin.


Good Friday readers needed

Please sign up here if you would like to be a reader for this service on Friday April 7th at 7:30 p.m..


Easter Brunch Help Needed

We need help to make the Easter brunch a success. Shifts are small, so you can enjoy the morning and also help! Please sign up to volunteer at the brunch (set up on Saturday, early and late monitors during the brunch, clean up on Sunday).


Welcoming our New Facilities Manager

We are excited to welcome Don Duce as our new part time facilities manager. Don comes to us with a lot of experience, he has been the head engineer for commercial buildings and has a side business as a handyman at a condominium complex. Don lives in Leesburg VA and has been married for 32 years with two children. On the weekends he enjoys car shows with his 1965 Mustang and is a fan of West Virginia University.  Don will be here usually in the mornings and his email is


Staff Updates (with corrected emails)

Don is taking over part of Mike Swineford’s old responsibilities as the facilities manager. He will be in charge of the facilities and grounds as well as the building rentals. Courtney has taken over the other part of Mike’s job, the bills/payroll, as well as keeping the current communications role. Her email will now be and her current email will be slowly phased out.


Youth Director Job, please spread the word

Please share with your family and friends! This is a full time position with benefits. Click here for a short description you can post with a link to the job description. Word of mouth is the best way to find a new hire!


New date! Carlisle Indian School & Cemetery Trip is rescheduled for May 20th

Natalie & Tim Foley and the Racial Justice Ministry would like to invite you to join us on Saturday, May 20th to visit the Carlisle Indian School & Cemetery. This is a great chance to learn and experience a recent, pivotal chapter for Native Americans and our country and honor the 186 children who died while attending the school. For more details on the cemetery, click here. The trip is from 9am – 4pm, including traveling to and from Carlisle, PA which will be great fellowship time as we are hoping to carpool.  please sign up here. For more information including POC for Natalie please click here.


Sunday: Meditation Class

Sue Bodner & Priscilla Hoffman Stowe are offering another Meditation class similar to the one we held in the fall. We will meet at 10:10am and always in the Meditation Room, located on the second level. We will observe silence from10:20 to 10:40, so if you need to arrive late or leave early, please make it outside that time frame. For more information about the class, click here. We hope you will join us!


Beautiful ring found after the Annual Meeting/Youth Sunday.

A beautiful ring was found during clean up on Youth Sunday.  Please spread the word with your small groups as it looks quite sentimental, though there is no inscription. Please contact the office for info.


Who is your Favorite Hero?

 Mine is you, because you are going to give up some time to be a leader at our VBS June 19-23rd. Don’t think, just act. Email right now and say “I’m in”. Looking for the camper sign up? It is for in-house (those who call Trinity their home church, including visitors!)  Our theme is Hero Hotline!  Learn more and sign up here. Questions? Ask Ben.


Inclement Weather Policy
Please click here for our inclement weather policy. In general, your safety is the most important thing, if you don’t feel comfortable coming to the church for worship or event, then please stay home.