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2024 Stewardship Pledge Campaign

Thank you for supporting Trinity with your pledge. Please click on the following links to pledge which also have the option to set up recurring online payments:

Pledge to the Operating Fund

Pledge to the Building Preservation Fund


Please consider covering the transaction costs so 100% of the money goes to support Trinity’s ministry.

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Wondering about Pledges and Stewardship?


The Logistics of Financial Stewardship


Stewardship has come to mean different things in the world of churches. The term “stewardship” comes from the idea of church leaders being good stewards of God’s resources. The season (which could be year long) of planning the church budget and asking for commitments to fund it is often referred to as Stewardship Season. Stewardship can also refer to the spiritual discipline of giving. Giving comes in many forms, including gifts of time, talent, and treasures. Financial stewardship has two steps: pledging and giving.


Set an Intention

A pledge is a commitment that an individual or family makes to the church for their giving in the coming year. Pledges are usually collected in the fall for the calendar year commitment.

By pledging, you let the church leadership know what your intention for giving is. This knowledge helps them to plan an informed budget because they don’t have to guess what you will give — you’ve told them, to the best of your ability. Of course, life happens. Pledges are not legally binding and can be adjusted if circumstances change.



Create a Financial Transaction

In your pledge, you’ve told the church what you plan to give,
but you have not told your bank (or wallet).
Giving can be done in a number of ways: cash, check, online through your bank or through our portal on Our online giving portal accepts both one-time and recurring donations.
Trinity pays a 3.0% processing fee on all credit card and ACH bank transactions. Please consider increasing your donation by this amount to ensure that 100% of your pledge goes to support Trinity’s ministry.