We welcome you to online worship.  We look forward to returning to in person worship once cases have declined in our area.
Order of Worship for January 16,  2022.  We are worshiping online today.

 Prelude         For the Beauty of the Earth  (Aaron David Miller)                            Carol Feather Martin

 Reading      Psalm 36:5-10 


Prayer of Thanksgiving for New Beginnings 

God of fresh starts, 

of new beginnings, 

of renewal and restoration, 

We awake to your grace, 

embraced by love unconditional. 

With each morning 

You birth new possibilities 

in us; around us. 

We are surrounded by Sacred potential. 

There are so many ways to love. 

May we rise to the day’s call 

To listen for the aches 

To give voice to the beauty 

To be a companion to justice. Amen.  

Hymn #803          My Shepherd Will Supply My Need 

Reading             John 2:1–11;   1 Corinthians 12:1–11            

Sermon               Community of Celebration and Joy  (Rev. Judith Fulp-Eickstaedt)

Hymn #14           For the Beauty of the Earth   

Joys and Concerns 

Prayers of the People   

Invitation to Stewardship                 www.trinityarlington.org/GIVE     Text to give:  (833) 940-3026   


O God of steadfast love, 

at the wedding in Cana 

your Son Jesus turned water into wine, 

delighting all who were there. 

Transform our hearts by your Spirit, 

that we may use our varied gifts 

to show forth the light of your love 

as one body in Christ. Amen. 

Hymn#452            Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord


Postlude              Holy God, We Praise Your Name (Michael Burkhardt)                Carol Feather Martin