We welcome you!
We are happy you are here, especially during the pandemic. 
 As an inclusive community of faith, we welcome you just as you are. We celebrate that God’s love and grace extends to all, and affirm that each person has sacred worth. As an open and affirming community, we offer the opportunity for leadership and service for every person in the Trinity community. We pray you experience Christ among us–His peace, grace, faithfulness and love.
During the pandemic, how do you connect
with a new faith community?

On the Screen

We have several opportunities to meet and worship virtually. The best way to learn more about the events or sign up, please email the church office for the enews (a weekly newsletter that has the links for the week) or call. 
Worship  We are offering  in person worship each week and a video and podcast of the worship are available on Wednesdays. We are looking forward to offering livestream on our Youtube channel soon.
Other opportunities:
Bell and Choir Zoom calls once a month
Bible Study on Sundays
Just Coffee virtual coffee hour each Sunday at 10:10p.m.
Chat with the Pastor most Sundays at 4p.m.
Ministry Meetings once a month

In Person

As of February, we have two worship services in person (mask optional except when singing) in the sanctuary as well more in person events happening. The best way to learn more about the events or sign up, is to email the church office to subscribe to the enews.
Worship: We have in person worship in a contemporary style at 9a.m. and a more traditional style  at 11:15a.m. Please sign up.
Other opportunities:
Youth Group Weekly
Choir Practice
Women’s Circles Monthly
Men’s Fellowship Quarterly
Mission Projects
Education Classes weekdays and Sundays
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