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Questions about Mental Health?  We invite you to browse and listen to the following podcasts from Dan and Rich.


Dan Campbell, LCSW, is a clinical social worker in private practice in Fairfax and a longtime member of Trinity. He is currently a co-founding member of the Trinity Mental Health Wellness Team and a member of both the Mission and Service Ministry and the Trinity Racial Justice Group. He is also a founding member of Fairfax Community Professionals, a network of mental health professionals devoted to reducing barriers to mental health treatment for families and youth, 

Rich Long, Ed.D., holds a doctorate in counseling and is also a co-founding member of the Trinity Mental Health Wellness Team.  He has worked in community youth outreach programs, family counseling, and with children, youths, and adults with educational difficulties.  Currently, he is the executive director of the Learning First Alliance.

Episode 4: Anxiety part 2

Ever wonder where the line is between normal anxiety and anxiety that’s a problem? Dan Campbell LCSW and Rich Long, Ed.D., Trinity Mental Health Wellness Team members, talk about anxiety – especially how it touches adults and parents -for a 40 minute podcast.   They answer questions raised after the screening of the documentary, “Angst,” including ideas on how to cope with anxiety and when to seek assistance.  This is one in a series on the topic but is “free-standing” as one may listen in any order.  

Episode 3:  Anxiety

Rich Long and Dan Campbell sit down in a podcast to talk about anxiety, its symptoms, its causes, and how to manage it.  This is in preparation for the film screening of the movie, Angst, but is a good standalone podcast as well.

Episode 2 – Depression is Treatable. You Don’t Have to Suffer Alone.

Depression is surprisingly common.  Many of us wonder if it something we have, or have had. Are there different degrees of depression?  Are there different ways to treat it? In this forty minute presentation, Dan Campbell and Rich Long discus what depression is and the options for treating it.  They talk about what has changed in treatment and how medication, therapy, and lifestyle can work together to reduce the impact of this disease.  Additionally, they give information on what to do if you or someone you know is considering suicide. The discussion is a good complement to the TMHWT’s slide show on the same topic. 

Episode 1An introduction to the Trinity Mental Health Wellness Team

Rich Long and Dan Campbell talk about the work of the Trinity Mental Health Wellness Team and how concepts from their most recent class, “Difficult Conversations,” can be applied to your relationships and the life of the church.