Trinity’s Mental Health Wellness Team, a group of Trinity members with mental health wellness expertise, have created several online resources to help those who are struggling with mental health wellness or know someone who is. 

Mental Wellness Regarding Gun Violence

Trinity has compiled the following list of helpful resources, especially for those with children or grandchildren. Please know you can reach out to staff or the mental health wellness team for assistance.
  1. PCUSA and Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Statement on Gun Violence, Jesus Wept, A Video Devotion on Gun Violence.
  2. Fred Roger’s Institute: Resources for talking to children in the wake of tragedy: 
  3. From the National Child Traumatic Stress Network: Age Related Reactions to a Traumatic Event: Guideline for helping youth after a recent shooting.
  4. Here are some thoughts for navigating these conversations with young people:
      1. Limit children’s news intake as much as you can, and protect yourself as you take in news.
      2. Before you share information, ask children what they have heard and what questions they have.
      3. Give children honest answers to their questions, but know it is appropriate to only share basic information and not offer detail beyond what they ask. With incredibly heavy news, young children especially may have very specific and personal questions that you can answer to help them feel safe.
      4. Sharing your own feelings can help children understand that their feelings are okay, and that they are not alone in the hard feelings.
      5. Remind children often that you and the other loving adults in their life are there to keep them safe, and always there when they are feeling sad or afraid.
  5. University of Minnesota’s Bakken Center for Spirituality and Healing: RAIN: A Mindfulness Practice for Being With Life’s Difficulties.
  6. American counseling Association: Coping in the Aftermath of a Shooting 
  7. American Psychological Association: Managing your distress in the aftermath of a shooting

Finding Help

Contact Pastor Judith, Ben, Stuart, or the Trinity Mental Health Wellness Team through Dan Campbell (Dan Campebll) or Rich Long.

Psychology Today has a therapist finder at

The Greater Washington Society for Clinical Social Work has a therapist finder at

Northern Virginia Clinical Psychologists has a therapist finder at
 Mental Health Resources 
  • The McLean Safe Community Coalition has put together a guide for parents navigating mental health challenges, including types of mental health practitioners, levels of care, and more local mental health resources. You can find the document HERE.
  • During the pandemic we compiled mental health resources. While the pandemic has passed, these resources (apps, podcasts, talks) are still very good and with a different lens, are relevant today.  Here are a variety of resources.
  • Depression, an introduction A PowerPoint document to guide our membership through an awareness and understanding of depression. Click here for more.
  • Mental Health Wellness Book List. 
  • TED Talk on Mental Health  by Dr. Thomas Insel, The Director of the National Institute for Mental Health, on the issues of mental health, treatment and prevention. Click here to view the talk.  
  • The National Alliance on Mental Illness also hosts parent support groups for Older Teens/Young Adults  at Trinity. Support groups for parents with school age children (PreK-12th grade) meet at Cherrydale Baptist.  These groups are geared to parents who child is experience symptoms of mental illness including: depression, anxiety, eating disorders, mood disorders and more.  No diagnosis is required to participate.  Participants are given the opportunity to share their story, experience support, and glean guidance (as desired) from group members regarding both community and school resources.  Confidentiality is respected. Groups are free.    For questions or to confirm the time, please contact Alisa Cowen.
  • If you would rather listen, there are also several podcasts with the Mental Health Wellness team professionals. Click here for more.