Mission Trips

Double Head Cabbage, Belize – This Mission experience for older youth and adults began as a one-year setting and has grown into a partnership over seven years of returning to that community.  We have gotten to know local churches, leaders, and organizations while we have maintained our commitment to the summer camp at the local school. 

Border Ministry through Mark Adams, PCUSA Missionary on the US/Mexican Border – In 2010 we realized that working with children in Belize was important, but not for everyone.  There was a significant group within the congregation who were looking for a different mission and a more experience-oriented approach.  This resulted in a search for a new partnership and after exploring several options MSM led a trip to Agua Prieto, Mexico, to work with Mark Adams, PCUSA missionary.  We continue to build this partnership through educational opportunities here at Trinity, and through supporting JUST COFFEE, a brand of fair trade plus coffee grown, processed, and packaged in Mexico. 

Youth Mission Trips – Each summer Trinity’s Junior and Senior High youth groups join together for a domestic mission trip.  These trips have recently taken our youth to inner city Philadelphia, rural communities in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, and the Appalachian region around Ashville, North Carolina.  Recent trips have included thirty plus participants.


Tent of Nations – A Peacemaking program located on a Palestinian farm owned by Daoud Nassar, a Palestinian Christian.  Our partnership with this ministry has grown out of the involvement of one of our members in several trips to help harvest olives and to understand more about those seeking peace in the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.  Trinity had a group of members and friends travel to Israel and visit the Tent of Nations as part of that trip.  We have also hosted Daoud and his family on several occasions.  Trinity has also held other events, including, “Combatants for Peace,” as a part of our understanding of the issues involved in this conflicted area of the world.

Strong Kids, Strong Emotions/Hope Rising

Hope Rising is a fundraising effort by Trinity and sister churches Immanuel and First Presbyterian-Arlington to benefit  Strong Kids/Strong Emotions, a program for Syrian and Iraqi refugee children in Lebanon offering play therapy/trauma recovery groups designed to build resilience, coping skills, and community.  
Strong Kids, Strong Emotions is a pilot program being launched by the Middle East Council of Churches (MECC) through a community center “Our Lady Dispensary” in Beirut, Lebanon.  The aim is to come along side Iraqi and Syrian refugee children, both Christian and Muslim, to help them develop the emotional skills and strength to thrive in the midst of the most challenging of circumstances. Through play, expressive art and meaningful relationships with mentors and peers, these young children are given a  “safe space” to process their grief, develop healthy coping skills, and share in community an attitude of hope.  Click here for more information.


Missionary Support Trinity supports five missionary families throughout the world.  These are PCUSA missionaries and we support them monetarily and through prayer.  Our missionary support goes to: