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Our facility is home to a variety of organizations and individuals.  On a given day you might encounter school and community basketball teams, music lessons, non-profit organizations, community groups, private parties, exercise classes, or ensemble rehearsals.  This is in addition to a very full calendar of church activities such as meetings, services, choral and bell choir practices, family dinners, group studies, circles, scouts, our fantastic preschool program, and much more!  We are proud of Trinity’s commitment over the years not only to serve our congregation, but also to serve our neighbors by allowing Trinity’s facility to be a community resource.


The Church Vision That Guides Our Building Use:

We will welcome everyone as we would welcome Christ Himself.

We commit ourselves to offer hospitality in accordance with our Building Use Policy,

which encourages fostering community by sharing our facilities, while maintaining responsible stewardship of our valuable assets.

How to Reserve, Rent (and Pay For Rental of) Space at Trinity

Check the online schedule to see if the space is available for the time period you are interested in. There is one schedule for the Calvin Hall (gym) and another for the rest of the church spaces
Church Rooms.

If the space desired is available, first visit the Building Space Rental Fees to determine the fee, then to reserve a time slot, please print and fill out the Building Request and Hold Harmless Form
or use this PDF  fillable version and email it to the church.

The inquiry will be reviewed – please allow up to 72 hours (not including weekends and holidays) for response. 
If your organization has liability insurance, you must provide a copy of the certificate of insurance with Trinity Presbyterian Church named as an additional insured. 

Once approved, please mail or deliver your payment. Space must be paid for in advance by check or money order, made out to Trinity Presbyterian Church. Put your group’s name, and space requested on the check.

Please note that if you are renting on a regular basis, we will book an entire quarter for you and request a quarter’s payment in advance. 

When we have received your payment, we will email you your security code to get into the building. It is your responsibility to make sure
your code is kept secure among your group. 
Do not prop doors open, Do not share codes.

We reserve the right to suspend entire groups if building use guidelines are not followed,

as well as finding any individuals using the group code to enter the building at unauthorized times. 

Please note
All church activities, such as funerals and memorial services or group events held at the church
can preempt any activities at any time

Policies and Regulations

Building Use Request and Hold Harmless Form